woensdag 16 januari 2013


Tonight I'm sleeping in Nürnberg, Germany, and look who was waiting for me over there !! Boy, did we have fun, isn't he cute?  ;-)

vrijdag 4 januari 2013


Hi there,

Hope you are all fine !!

Last week I was on a little shopping tour in Holland, and suddenly in a window was "the biggest puzzle in the world" ... And what is biggest !!! The puzzle contains 32.256 pieces, and when made it is 5,44 meters by 1,92 meters !!!! You can wonder where you are going to spread out a piece like that. It's the size of 2 garage ports !!! The picture that they used, was originally made by Keith Haring. The whole puzzle weighs 17 kg and when delivered it comes with a little wagon to transport it ;-)


Here under is a scrapbooking page that I made a while ago where you see me in my go-cart, which I drove a lot when I was little ... Good old times !!

dinsdag 6 november 2012

Spelen - Play

Hi guys, anybody still there, reading me ???
Well, it has been way too silent over here, but much has happended and a lot of work has come my way the last couple of months. But I'll tell you about that later, everything at its time.
For now I can only say that I really try to make some more "me-time", and so this means try to make some more time for scrapbooking and updating this blog again. I really feel for it again !!
Yesterday morning I got a text message from my ex-boyfriend from long ago, who is a pilot, asking if I was by accident in Göteborg that night, as he was landing there. The coincidence was that I was in Brussels on my way to Göteborg, so he was actually flying the flight I was on.
I hadn't heared him in a couple of years, and then by accident he texts me and he is flying my flight. How big these chances can be? I believe in providence, and this is what I call really providence !!
Then we called and when I said that I was on his flight, he thought I was joking and didn't even believe me ;-))
Afterwards we went out for a drink together and it was nice to catch up after 5 years or so, we last met.
11 years already I fly several times per months between Brussels and Göteborg, and it was only the first time that he was "my" pilot. Last time we were flying together, about 16 years ago, was not in a big Airbus, but in a little Cessna, just the 2 of us, so a little bit less people than this time ;-))
I still have some older scrapbookpages to show to you ... This one is from about a year ago, with little Mich playing in the garden of my grandmother. I have kept the page very simple as I really like the distinct colours to speak for itself.
Enjoy your evening, everybody !!!

maandag 20 februari 2012

Op wandel

Hello all from my hotel room in Stuttgart !! I have had a long traveling day today, due to stricking personel at the airport of Frankfurt which made that my connecting flight was cancelled and I had to take the train to my final destination instead, after a couple of hours of waiting first !!

But a good meeting (some hours later than expected ;-)) made up for all that. So now I'm at my hotel room, and instead of working away many mails tonight, I have given myself a free night, and I will have some fun with my laptop instead ! Every now and then you have to spoil myself.

Tomorrow I will fly to Sweden, but not passing by Frankfurt, so normally I should not have problems to come home !

Here under a layout with some pictures from when I was about age 10, on a walk with my mum and dad. Funny to see the clothes we were wearing at that time and the haircuts we had ;-))

maandag 13 februari 2012


Hello all, I hope you are all doing fine !! Here all is well - again - I have to say, as I have been ill the whole last week. Not too bad, I have worked from home, but I was really tired in the evening anyway, and I did work in a slower way than usually. But now it's getting all better. I hope illness is far away from you all !!

I have today a layout for you with a picture from my niece when she was about 4 years old. She was an adorable little girl with blond curly hair. Today she's 31 in the meantime ;-))

I wanted to make a playfull layout, in the colours of her dress. It's not totally my normal style but I kind of like it anyway.

Have a nice week ! And for those who celebrate it, have a nice Valentine's day tomorrow. And if you are not celebrating it, you get a big hug from me anyway !!

woensdag 1 februari 2012

In dreams

Hi guys, are you doing well?

Well, I'm in London for the moment. Normally I'm here about 2 days a month, but since I will soon start to work on a temporarily project in Germany, it will now take about 6 months before I will be here next time.

So today and tomorrow after work, it's time to buy a big stock of stuff that I like ... elderberry tea from Marks & Spencer, cheese with ginger and with cranberry, cookies, a number of the Jamie Oliver magazine, etc etc etc ...

And tomorrow night, when sleeping in the neighborhood of Covent Garden, I will treat myself to a night of shopping, knowing that I will spent some hours in those superbig bookshops that they are having in that neighborhood. I'm already looking forward to it ...

Underneath I have a scrapbooking page with again a picture from my mum in her younger days. Her hair was really a piece of art !!

maandag 23 januari 2012

The new barbershop in town

And so time goes by ... Not too much new to tell for the moment, but I can say that finally today my kitchen is finished after the water problems I had in the kitchen now more than 2 months ago. So this evening I will start to reorganize in the kitchen and put all stuff back at it's place. Joehoe, I'm so happy !!!

So I hope when this is done, that I will also have some time to make some space in my scrapbooking room and then I can start to do some more scrapbooking. It has been itching really hard to do so, but there are always a lot of other things I need to do first unfortunately. But now so, hopefully soon !!!

In the meantime I have for you a scrapbooking page that I made a while ago, from my mother in the new hairdressers shop of my father, when they were both still very young.

Enjoy a nice week !

zondag 15 januari 2012

A day at the seaside

How strange ... after almost 6 weeks, I have put foot on Swedish ground again ;-))

And I'm being spoiled. No foreign trips, so I have the real luxery of being 3 complete nights at home !! That doesn't happen too often.

On Tuesday they come over to my house to do the last part of the reparation of my kitchen. At least, I hope it's the last part, and I really cross my fingers that I will be able to use my kitchen on Tuesday night.

The layout here under I made a while ago, and you see my mother, father and a friend of them, when all of them were at the age of around 22 years young. Old pictures thus, but I do love them sooooooooo much ...

dinsdag 3 januari 2012

Storm here in Belgium

Goodmorning from a stormy Belgium !!! You really need to hang on thight or the wind will blow you away ;-))

Today it's the day that the discount bargains started in town, so this morning I did some shopping. Ready in an hour as I looked already what I needed last week, so this morning I just needed to go to the shop and get it. I don't like big crowds, so that's my way to avoid it !!

This afternoon, I will go to a shop where they are having the most fantastic needlecrafts work. Also over there they are having bargains because they are going to move their store. I hope I can find some cute stuff over there. And I'm happy that they will move their shop as we always have to make it a special trip now, whilst they are now moving to the "big" town where I live.

Last summer the sister-in-law from my best friend was getting married, and therefor my best friend asked me if I could make a card. Normally I don't like making things for other people as I have already enough cards and scrapbooking to make for myself, but of course, my best friend I wanted to do a favour. Since I have known here already 22 years, it was easy to make something that I knew would please here.

donderdag 29 december 2011

Happy birthday to myself and celebrating my best friend's new home

Today is my birthday and tonight I will go to my best friend who will cook for me, my parents and my friend.

But we are at that moment not only celebrating my birthday but will also be celebrating the fact that my best friend is living in a new house. Somewhat more than a year ago, she bought the house and did lots of changes on it, so by now it is representable (but not finished as that always is the case with renovations ;-)) My parents and friend have not seen the house yet in its new state, so I guess that they are pretty curious.

I made her this little card here under, a "welcome-in-your-new-home-card", that she will later on be able to use as a bookmark. Oh, and yes, good news, I finally changed the scanning program on my mother's computer, so now I can show you good pictures again ...

And of course here moving into a new house also asked for some presents. I made her this "painting" to hang on little cards and other notes. To be honoust, I was so happy with the result that I almost want to keep it for myself !!!

Here under you also see a close-up of the "painting". She has a country style in her new home so I think that this will fit well in her house.

The second present I made for her, was this doorstop, also in the same style ...

And also a close-up of this one ...

I hope that most of you also still are having some days off, so enjoy some nice holidays !!