maandag 13 februari 2012


Hello all, I hope you are all doing fine !! Here all is well - again - I have to say, as I have been ill the whole last week. Not too bad, I have worked from home, but I was really tired in the evening anyway, and I did work in a slower way than usually. But now it's getting all better. I hope illness is far away from you all !!

I have today a layout for you with a picture from my niece when she was about 4 years old. She was an adorable little girl with blond curly hair. Today she's 31 in the meantime ;-))

I wanted to make a playfull layout, in the colours of her dress. It's not totally my normal style but I kind of like it anyway.

Have a nice week ! And for those who celebrate it, have a nice Valentine's day tomorrow. And if you are not celebrating it, you get a big hug from me anyway !!

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~THEA~ zei

Hoi Mich,

Wat een schatje! Mooie kleurencombi heb je er van gemaakt.

Groetjes Thea ♥