zondag 27 november 2011

My mum surprised me !!!

It is now a year of 4-5 that I'm busy scrapbooking, and I know that my mum was always my biggest fan, when she watched me busy scrapbooking and looking very attentively when layouts were finished. I know she, just like me, likes all kind of handycrafts a lot.

And about a year ago, she surprised me with the 2 layouts here under. Without telling me, she also started to do some scrapbooking. In the meantime she has made many already, but these were the 2 first once coming from her hand.

She is now scrapbooking her old pictures, and I really like it, because on many of them, I see people that I don't know, or she has stories to tell that I have never heard before, and this way, I feel she is slowely making a real heritage for me. Thanks mum ;-))

zaterdag 19 november 2011

Peppers pie

I have hundreds of cookbooks, and I'm always hunting for new recipes in magazines or whereever I can lay my hand on them.

Of course, all those loose pieces of paper, I want to save somewhere, so that was the start of my scrapbooking cookbook.

Everytime I make a recipy that is worth eating again, I make a scrapbooking page of it, and so my scrapbooking cookbook gets thicker and thicker.

This is a peppers pie that I had been eating for lunch, and the recipy deserved to join in my cookbook ;-))

maandag 14 november 2011


Everytime I'm in London and I have some time, I try to find some new vegetarian cookbooks, or preferably even vegan cookbooks, as they are very often difficult to find in Belgium.

Last week I had some time to walk around in Windsor, where I also have my favorit little bookshop. Normally they don't have so many vegetarian books on the shelves but it looked like they made a real investment now, and I could find 2 complete shelves of those books their this time.

And of course I could not leave the shop empty-handed. So this is what I bought this time : Cookouts, veggie style !!

In the many years being vegetarian, I have of course already gathered many vegetarian BBQ recipes, but this book really attracted for the many not so known and a bit different recipes.

I know, we are heading towards wintertime now, and probably the book will not be used so often the next coming months, but I'm sure he will come in handy when May is coming again ...

vrijdag 11 november 2011

Breakfast at Tiffany's ... euhhhh ... London

I'm in London today, and I always find it a delight to eat a real English (vegetarian ;-)) breakfast.

Look what I had on my plate half an hour ago ... doesn't it look really good?

At least it will keep me going for a big part of the day ... Good that I don't eat this every day ;-))

donderdag 10 november 2011


Good evening all,

I hope you are all feeling well. Are you also still having so lovely weather for this period of time? I have been in Belgium, Germany and now in London, and everywhere it is springtime instead of temperatures under 0 degrees Celcius ;-))

Having worked a lot this week, I'm now having a lazy evening, and I'm just watching some tv in my hotel, and play a little with my laptop ... Last working day tomorrow, and then off on a nice weekend !

Here under a layout with pictures from my mum when she was just a young girl ... Really 60's pictures, aren't they so nice? Enjoy it, and in the meantime, I also want to wish you a nice weekend !