maandag 14 november 2011


Everytime I'm in London and I have some time, I try to find some new vegetarian cookbooks, or preferably even vegan cookbooks, as they are very often difficult to find in Belgium.

Last week I had some time to walk around in Windsor, where I also have my favorit little bookshop. Normally they don't have so many vegetarian books on the shelves but it looked like they made a real investment now, and I could find 2 complete shelves of those books their this time.

And of course I could not leave the shop empty-handed. So this is what I bought this time : Cookouts, veggie style !!

In the many years being vegetarian, I have of course already gathered many vegetarian BBQ recipes, but this book really attracted for the many not so known and a bit different recipes.

I know, we are heading towards wintertime now, and probably the book will not be used so often the next coming months, but I'm sure he will come in handy when May is coming again ...

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Lisa zei

Oh, ik vind het ook altijd zo fantastisch om in Londen kookboeken te kopen. Ik bestel ook vaak boeken via Amazon. Wij zijn niet vegetarisch, maar ik vind 'How to cook everything vegetarian' echt fantastisch, ken je die al? Veel groeten, Lisa