zondag 27 november 2011

My mum surprised me !!!

It is now a year of 4-5 that I'm busy scrapbooking, and I know that my mum was always my biggest fan, when she watched me busy scrapbooking and looking very attentively when layouts were finished. I know she, just like me, likes all kind of handycrafts a lot.

And about a year ago, she surprised me with the 2 layouts here under. Without telling me, she also started to do some scrapbooking. In the meantime she has made many already, but these were the 2 first once coming from her hand.

She is now scrapbooking her old pictures, and I really like it, because on many of them, I see people that I don't know, or she has stories to tell that I have never heard before, and this way, I feel she is slowely making a real heritage for me. Thanks mum ;-))

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