donderdag 29 december 2011

Happy birthday to myself and celebrating my best friend's new home

Today is my birthday and tonight I will go to my best friend who will cook for me, my parents and my friend.

But we are at that moment not only celebrating my birthday but will also be celebrating the fact that my best friend is living in a new house. Somewhat more than a year ago, she bought the house and did lots of changes on it, so by now it is representable (but not finished as that always is the case with renovations ;-)) My parents and friend have not seen the house yet in its new state, so I guess that they are pretty curious.

I made her this little card here under, a "welcome-in-your-new-home-card", that she will later on be able to use as a bookmark. Oh, and yes, good news, I finally changed the scanning program on my mother's computer, so now I can show you good pictures again ...

And of course here moving into a new house also asked for some presents. I made her this "painting" to hang on little cards and other notes. To be honoust, I was so happy with the result that I almost want to keep it for myself !!!

Here under you also see a close-up of the "painting". She has a country style in her new home so I think that this will fit well in her house.

The second present I made for her, was this doorstop, also in the same style ...

And also a close-up of this one ...

I hope that most of you also still are having some days off, so enjoy some nice holidays !!

woensdag 28 december 2011


Tonight I amused myself with some quick scrapbooking. I made another page in my cookery book, this time of one of my favorite desserts, being moelleux or a soft chocolate pudding !!! Mmmm, I adore it !!! Just a pity I don't have one right now ;-((

zondag 25 december 2011

Ready next year ???

A long time again since I dropped in to write something !!! I'm now having holidays, and still as much to do as when I'm working !!! Where is that time going by !!!

A couple of times per week however, I try to spend some hours cross stitching in the evening, as this really relaxes me a lot. About 2 years ago, I started to work on this X-mas work and yesterday, I finished a big part.

I have now started the smaller part underneath the work and then still have to do a bigger part on top, before it will be ready. I'm always an optimist, so I hope to have it ready by next X-mas ;-))

And then I have 2 more of those X-mas cross stitching sceneries left !!!! Wish me luck !!

woensdag 7 december 2011

Mother's retirement and fathers day

So, right now at this moment, it was the last working day of my mother. Such a very strange feeling !! But she went into the city now with some colleagues, or should I say ex-colleagues to go and eat something and celebrate.

Friday afternoon, there will be a celebration at her work also, with all people from her division at work, and I'm also invited, although I will also be there as the photographer. I'm happy that I can hide behind my camera, because I think it will be difficult for me to keep my eyes "water-free" when they will start to speech ...

Friday evening, my mum and dad and I will then go and eat something together, and then we will hand over her card and present.

And on Saturday I have planned a surprise diner for some people at home without my mum knowing about it.

So you see, a lot of celebrating this weekend for us !!! Perhaps I post some pictures later on also ...

In the meantime, hereunder the fatherdays card that I made some months ago in June, when we celibrated fathersday. It cannot always be the mothers we are celebrating of course ;-))

maandag 5 december 2011

Retirement card for my mum

My mum has to work 2 more days, this week, and then she will be retired !! So therefor of course, I needed to make a card for her.

Totally different colours from what I normally use and what I had in mind, but I thought the Duck picture fitted so well for a retirement card, that I based myself on those colours. And in the end, I'm quit happy from the result.

Inside I have made it simple, with just a tag with information for mum that she will receive money to buy a new television. And the money I will also put inside the card. I hope that she will be happy, both with the card, and the new television !!

Strange that my mum will retire now, time goes so fast !!