maandag 23 januari 2012

The new barbershop in town

And so time goes by ... Not too much new to tell for the moment, but I can say that finally today my kitchen is finished after the water problems I had in the kitchen now more than 2 months ago. So this evening I will start to reorganize in the kitchen and put all stuff back at it's place. Joehoe, I'm so happy !!!

So I hope when this is done, that I will also have some time to make some space in my scrapbooking room and then I can start to do some more scrapbooking. It has been itching really hard to do so, but there are always a lot of other things I need to do first unfortunately. But now so, hopefully soon !!!

In the meantime I have for you a scrapbooking page that I made a while ago, from my mother in the new hairdressers shop of my father, when they were both still very young.

Enjoy a nice week !

zondag 15 januari 2012

A day at the seaside

How strange ... after almost 6 weeks, I have put foot on Swedish ground again ;-))

And I'm being spoiled. No foreign trips, so I have the real luxery of being 3 complete nights at home !! That doesn't happen too often.

On Tuesday they come over to my house to do the last part of the reparation of my kitchen. At least, I hope it's the last part, and I really cross my fingers that I will be able to use my kitchen on Tuesday night.

The layout here under I made a while ago, and you see my mother, father and a friend of them, when all of them were at the age of around 22 years young. Old pictures thus, but I do love them sooooooooo much ...

dinsdag 3 januari 2012

Storm here in Belgium

Goodmorning from a stormy Belgium !!! You really need to hang on thight or the wind will blow you away ;-))

Today it's the day that the discount bargains started in town, so this morning I did some shopping. Ready in an hour as I looked already what I needed last week, so this morning I just needed to go to the shop and get it. I don't like big crowds, so that's my way to avoid it !!

This afternoon, I will go to a shop where they are having the most fantastic needlecrafts work. Also over there they are having bargains because they are going to move their store. I hope I can find some cute stuff over there. And I'm happy that they will move their shop as we always have to make it a special trip now, whilst they are now moving to the "big" town where I live.

Last summer the sister-in-law from my best friend was getting married, and therefor my best friend asked me if I could make a card. Normally I don't like making things for other people as I have already enough cards and scrapbooking to make for myself, but of course, my best friend I wanted to do a favour. Since I have known here already 22 years, it was easy to make something that I knew would please here.