maandag 23 januari 2012

The new barbershop in town

And so time goes by ... Not too much new to tell for the moment, but I can say that finally today my kitchen is finished after the water problems I had in the kitchen now more than 2 months ago. So this evening I will start to reorganize in the kitchen and put all stuff back at it's place. Joehoe, I'm so happy !!!

So I hope when this is done, that I will also have some time to make some space in my scrapbooking room and then I can start to do some more scrapbooking. It has been itching really hard to do so, but there are always a lot of other things I need to do first unfortunately. But now so, hopefully soon !!!

In the meantime I have for you a scrapbooking page that I made a while ago, from my mother in the new hairdressers shop of my father, when they were both still very young.

Enjoy a nice week !

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Lisa Dickinson zei

love the orange combo on your page! :)