dinsdag 3 januari 2012

Storm here in Belgium

Goodmorning from a stormy Belgium !!! You really need to hang on thight or the wind will blow you away ;-))

Today it's the day that the discount bargains started in town, so this morning I did some shopping. Ready in an hour as I looked already what I needed last week, so this morning I just needed to go to the shop and get it. I don't like big crowds, so that's my way to avoid it !!

This afternoon, I will go to a shop where they are having the most fantastic needlecrafts work. Also over there they are having bargains because they are going to move their store. I hope I can find some cute stuff over there. And I'm happy that they will move their shop as we always have to make it a special trip now, whilst they are now moving to the "big" town where I live.

Last summer the sister-in-law from my best friend was getting married, and therefor my best friend asked me if I could make a card. Normally I don't like making things for other people as I have already enough cards and scrapbooking to make for myself, but of course, my best friend I wanted to do a favour. Since I have known here already 22 years, it was easy to make something that I knew would please here.

2 opmerkingen:

Deana zei

What a VERY COOL card! Love it!!

~THEA~ zei

Hoi Mich,

Ja, die is leuk! Heel apart ook!!

Groetjes Thea ♥