woensdag 7 december 2011

Mother's retirement and fathers day

So, right now at this moment, it was the last working day of my mother. Such a very strange feeling !! But she went into the city now with some colleagues, or should I say ex-colleagues to go and eat something and celebrate.

Friday afternoon, there will be a celebration at her work also, with all people from her division at work, and I'm also invited, although I will also be there as the photographer. I'm happy that I can hide behind my camera, because I think it will be difficult for me to keep my eyes "water-free" when they will start to speech ...

Friday evening, my mum and dad and I will then go and eat something together, and then we will hand over her card and present.

And on Saturday I have planned a surprise diner for some people at home without my mum knowing about it.

So you see, a lot of celebrating this weekend for us !!! Perhaps I post some pictures later on also ...

In the meantime, hereunder the fatherdays card that I made some months ago in June, when we celibrated fathersday. It cannot always be the mothers we are celebrating of course ;-))

2 opmerkingen:

Miriam zei

Wat een feestelijkheden zijn er gepland zeg, hartstikke leuk!


Scrapalicious zei

wens je mama fijne, creatieve tijden van mij!!!