donderdag 10 november 2011


Good evening all,

I hope you are all feeling well. Are you also still having so lovely weather for this period of time? I have been in Belgium, Germany and now in London, and everywhere it is springtime instead of temperatures under 0 degrees Celcius ;-))

Having worked a lot this week, I'm now having a lazy evening, and I'm just watching some tv in my hotel, and play a little with my laptop ... Last working day tomorrow, and then off on a nice weekend !

Here under a layout with pictures from my mum when she was just a young girl ... Really 60's pictures, aren't they so nice? Enjoy it, and in the meantime, I also want to wish you a nice weekend !

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Scrapalicious zei

hi Mich

Three years ago (almost 4!) I quit being creative. Now I'm trying to pick up my hobbies again. I see you are still scrapping your childhood :)
How many Tilda's are staying at your house?

Just wanted to say hi to you, that's all.