maandag 31 oktober 2011


Long time no see again !! What can I say other than that time has been passing by very fast again. Busy working weeks always at work with lots of traveling, and never enough time to do some scrapbooking, unfortunately.

But this week, I'm looking forward to the scrapbooking fair in Utrecht, Holland this week. I have especially taken a day of holidays on Friday, so my mum and I will go over there, and look at all the lovely paper and other stuff. I'm sure it will not only be looking in the end, but also a lot of nice stuff that we will buy ;-))

We will then sleep over there, and on Saturdaymorning, I will take my mother for a long walk in the area above Utrecht, at the river Vecht, which I really adore. I was there a couple of months ago for work, and noticed that the area and nature over there are just beautiful. I had to stay there a day longer, to enjoy it again !!

And on Saturday afternoon, I will show my mum a really big scrapbooking shop which is not so far from there either, as if we will not have seen enough scrapbooking supplies already the day before at the fair ;-))

So you understand that I'm really looking forward to the end of the week !!!

For now, I wanted to show you a simple layout about Gent, my hometown with pictures taken a year before I was born. Just a simple layout, but I wanted to let the layout speak with colours ...

2 opmerkingen:

~THEA~ zei

Gent is een geweldige stad!
je kaart trouwens ook!!

Veel plezier samen met je mams,en niette veel kopen hoor!

Groetjes Thea ♥

Miriam zei

Gent, al in geen járen meer geweest. Ik moet er echt weer eens heen (alleen is het nu een stuk verder van waar ik woon als toen)