maandag 17 oktober 2011

Kasteel van Laarne *** Castle of Laarne

Hi there !!! Don't you also like the autumn just like me? I'm spoiling myself with an early night in bed. I already went in at 8 o'clock, putting on a nice music, laptop switched on, and just doing all and nothing, really relaxed. I love it !!! This is really a thing to do right now, this cocooning, when it's getting cold outside, and it's so nice to curl up in a warm bed !!

In the scrapbooking page from today, some pictures from a castle close to my hometown. The city of Laarne is know for its witches, so this period of time, they are preparing for a fun time, with Halloween coming along soon.

These pictures have already been taken by my mother in 1969, but if you go there today, I'm sure that you can take exactly the same pictures as more than 40 years ago ;-))

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Rein zei

Prachtig, je kasteel LA!

Scrappycat zei

Je bent aan mijn achterdeur geweest zonder dat ik het wist! Straf! Spijtig dat de mooie kasteeldreef met haar kastanjebomen er kaal en overhoop bij staat. Het zal er de komende 10-15 jaar zeer kaal uitzien...
Groetjes uit Laarne!