vrijdag 4 januari 2013


Hi there,

Hope you are all fine !!

Last week I was on a little shopping tour in Holland, and suddenly in a window was "the biggest puzzle in the world" ... And what is biggest !!! The puzzle contains 32.256 pieces, and when made it is 5,44 meters by 1,92 meters !!!! You can wonder where you are going to spread out a piece like that. It's the size of 2 garage ports !!! The picture that they used, was originally made by Keith Haring. The whole puzzle weighs 17 kg and when delivered it comes with a little wagon to transport it ;-)


Here under is a scrapbooking page that I made a while ago where you see me in my go-cart, which I drove a lot when I was little ... Good old times !!

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Mooie scrappagina!

tevens nog de beste wensen voor 2013!