dinsdag 6 november 2012

Spelen - Play

Hi guys, anybody still there, reading me ???
Well, it has been way too silent over here, but much has happended and a lot of work has come my way the last couple of months. But I'll tell you about that later, everything at its time.
For now I can only say that I really try to make some more "me-time", and so this means try to make some more time for scrapbooking and updating this blog again. I really feel for it again !!
Yesterday morning I got a text message from my ex-boyfriend from long ago, who is a pilot, asking if I was by accident in Göteborg that night, as he was landing there. The coincidence was that I was in Brussels on my way to Göteborg, so he was actually flying the flight I was on.
I hadn't heared him in a couple of years, and then by accident he texts me and he is flying my flight. How big these chances can be? I believe in providence, and this is what I call really providence !!
Then we called and when I said that I was on his flight, he thought I was joking and didn't even believe me ;-))
Afterwards we went out for a drink together and it was nice to catch up after 5 years or so, we last met.
11 years already I fly several times per months between Brussels and Göteborg, and it was only the first time that he was "my" pilot. Last time we were flying together, about 16 years ago, was not in a big Airbus, but in a little Cessna, just the 2 of us, so a little bit less people than this time ;-))
I still have some older scrapbookpages to show to you ... This one is from about a year ago, with little Mich playing in the garden of my grandmother. I have kept the page very simple as I really like the distinct colours to speak for itself.
Enjoy your evening, everybody !!!

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