donderdag 28 juli 2011


Although the last year, I have not been scrapbooking anymore in such a high speed as before, due to lack of time, but I still made some stuff of course which I can show you. So let's start with "Slurp" ... with a picture from me when I was a bit under 2 years old.

As you might remember, I'm scrapbooking "my whole life" and starting from baby until now, and as you understand, I still have lots to do !!! But it's also a pleasure to see all these old pictures, and to be able to write "my story", so I'm really enjoying it. I hope you do to when I show them to you.

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Nathalie zei

I love that you are scrapping old photos of yourself!!!! You chose some great papers to showcase this one in particular! Thank you for visiting my blog the other day ;)