maandag 20 februari 2012

Op wandel

Hello all from my hotel room in Stuttgart !! I have had a long traveling day today, due to stricking personel at the airport of Frankfurt which made that my connecting flight was cancelled and I had to take the train to my final destination instead, after a couple of hours of waiting first !!

But a good meeting (some hours later than expected ;-)) made up for all that. So now I'm at my hotel room, and instead of working away many mails tonight, I have given myself a free night, and I will have some fun with my laptop instead ! Every now and then you have to spoil myself.

Tomorrow I will fly to Sweden, but not passing by Frankfurt, so normally I should not have problems to come home !

Here under a layout with some pictures from when I was about age 10, on a walk with my mum and dad. Funny to see the clothes we were wearing at that time and the haircuts we had ;-))

maandag 13 februari 2012


Hello all, I hope you are all doing fine !! Here all is well - again - I have to say, as I have been ill the whole last week. Not too bad, I have worked from home, but I was really tired in the evening anyway, and I did work in a slower way than usually. But now it's getting all better. I hope illness is far away from you all !!

I have today a layout for you with a picture from my niece when she was about 4 years old. She was an adorable little girl with blond curly hair. Today she's 31 in the meantime ;-))

I wanted to make a playfull layout, in the colours of her dress. It's not totally my normal style but I kind of like it anyway.

Have a nice week ! And for those who celebrate it, have a nice Valentine's day tomorrow. And if you are not celebrating it, you get a big hug from me anyway !!

woensdag 1 februari 2012

In dreams

Hi guys, are you doing well?

Well, I'm in London for the moment. Normally I'm here about 2 days a month, but since I will soon start to work on a temporarily project in Germany, it will now take about 6 months before I will be here next time.

So today and tomorrow after work, it's time to buy a big stock of stuff that I like ... elderberry tea from Marks & Spencer, cheese with ginger and with cranberry, cookies, a number of the Jamie Oliver magazine, etc etc etc ...

And tomorrow night, when sleeping in the neighborhood of Covent Garden, I will treat myself to a night of shopping, knowing that I will spent some hours in those superbig bookshops that they are having in that neighborhood. I'm already looking forward to it ...

Underneath I have a scrapbooking page with again a picture from my mum in her younger days. Her hair was really a piece of art !!