vrijdag 12 augustus 2011


Hello guys, doing fine over there?

It has been busy again over here. Last weekend I was 3 days in the "Ardennen", the nature part of Belgium with 25 people to enjoy lots of different activities. We had a real good time.

And then back to Sweden where I worked at the office the whole time, no travelling for the moment, so nothing exciting or special to tell you.

But instead I have another layout for you which I made earlier and where you can see me as a little toddler in the sandbox at my grandmother's. I have spend hours and hours over there, playing and creating the most fantastic fantasies in my head. What a lovely carefree time.

Still today I find the combination of the red and the blue a bit strange and hard, but I wanted to go after the colours on the pictures. And I gave myself a hard time by making a crochet frame around it. I'm not good at all at crochet so it took me a while and some sour fingers ;-))

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Miriam zei

Oh, maar dat is leuk! De kleuren, het gehaakte randje: toppie!!!