maandag 31 oktober 2011


Long time no see again !! What can I say other than that time has been passing by very fast again. Busy working weeks always at work with lots of traveling, and never enough time to do some scrapbooking, unfortunately.

But this week, I'm looking forward to the scrapbooking fair in Utrecht, Holland this week. I have especially taken a day of holidays on Friday, so my mum and I will go over there, and look at all the lovely paper and other stuff. I'm sure it will not only be looking in the end, but also a lot of nice stuff that we will buy ;-))

We will then sleep over there, and on Saturdaymorning, I will take my mother for a long walk in the area above Utrecht, at the river Vecht, which I really adore. I was there a couple of months ago for work, and noticed that the area and nature over there are just beautiful. I had to stay there a day longer, to enjoy it again !!

And on Saturday afternoon, I will show my mum a really big scrapbooking shop which is not so far from there either, as if we will not have seen enough scrapbooking supplies already the day before at the fair ;-))

So you understand that I'm really looking forward to the end of the week !!!

For now, I wanted to show you a simple layout about Gent, my hometown with pictures taken a year before I was born. Just a simple layout, but I wanted to let the layout speak with colours ...

maandag 17 oktober 2011

Kasteel van Laarne *** Castle of Laarne

Hi there !!! Don't you also like the autumn just like me? I'm spoiling myself with an early night in bed. I already went in at 8 o'clock, putting on a nice music, laptop switched on, and just doing all and nothing, really relaxed. I love it !!! This is really a thing to do right now, this cocooning, when it's getting cold outside, and it's so nice to curl up in a warm bed !!

In the scrapbooking page from today, some pictures from a castle close to my hometown. The city of Laarne is know for its witches, so this period of time, they are preparing for a fun time, with Halloween coming along soon.

These pictures have already been taken by my mother in 1969, but if you go there today, I'm sure that you can take exactly the same pictures as more than 40 years ago ;-))

woensdag 12 oktober 2011

Kapperswedstrijd - Hair dressers contest

Good evening everybody,

I hope you are all doing well !! Tonight it has been more than four weeks since I was home in my house last time, so I'm enjoying a quit night. Really great !!

I started working again after holidays on Monday, and have been in the company of a very nice bunch of French people, so I had a good time with them.

I'm still entertaining them tomorrow morning and then I will be off to Sevilla, from 9 degrees over here in Sweden, to 34 degrees in Spain !! Quit a change ;-))

Unfortunately connections are not so good, so it will take me 10 hours and 3 flights before I will be at my hotel tomorrow. Wish me luck !!

Here under I wanted to show you a scrapbooking page that I made some time ago, where you can again see my father in a hair dressers contest. Enjoy it !

zondag 9 oktober 2011

Fier - Proud

Today is the last day of my 3 weeks holiday, and it's raining cats and dogs. But I don't mind ... it has been a rather hectic holiday with a travel to Rome followed by a travel to London, and also lots of day trips in between. So it's nice today, to have a relaxing day at home to just wander around and do the stuff I like to do.

And since it's raining so much outside, it's just the perfect excuse to make pancakes this afternoon, don't you think? ;-))

Tomorrow, I will start working again, and it starts again with 4 days of traveling. Tomorrow afternoon, I will leave for Sweden but I will not go home. Instead I will spend my time with about 12 frenchmen that I will show around in 4 of our factories, all in the south of Sweden.

Then on Thursday afternoon, I will travel to Sevilla. Not such a pleasant travel, because connections from Gothenburg are not that good, so it will take me 3 airplanes, before I will arrive. Pfffff !!!

Friday morning then meeting in Sevilla, and then back to Brussels for another weekend over there.

In the meantime, I have for you a scrapbooking page which I made last year but didn't show yet. It's pictures of my pride father, having his first own hairdressers saloon at the age of 22. Next year he will retire, still as a hair dresser and still at the same place where he started 42 years ago !!

maandag 3 oktober 2011

Back in town

Long time no see !! It has been very busy for me !! I have worked really hard, almost day and night, during August and September. And so I deserved some holidays, I found !!

So the last 2 weeks, I have enjoyed some free time, but even there, it has been quit busy. I have been 5 days in Rome with a friend, and then last week 3 days in London for my mother's 65 years birthday.

Today I'm allowing myself a lazy day, and I took some time to do some scrapbooking. Oh, what a long time ago since I scrapbooked last time !!!

I'm busy making a "scrapbooking cookery book" so today I made a new page with the recipy for "eierpannenkoeken", in English you could discribe it as egg pancakes, a quicker version of a normal pancake, you could say.

I'm working at my mother's place with a not so good scanning program so unfortunately the picture doesn't give a too good image of what I have been scrapbooking, but I hope it gives you at least an idea.

I hope you can also enjoy some free time and have some fun with your projects !!